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Cosmetic Procedures

Catonfield Dental offers a variety of cosmetic procedures tailored to meet your needs for rebuilding or brightening your smile. Our dentists only use state of the art materials and techniques to ensure you receive the best treatment.


A veneer is a fitted piece of porcelain adhered to the front of your tooth for aesthetic purposes. Veneers are typically used on chipped, misshapen, or discolored teeth as a visual alternative while still preserving the natural tooth. Typically, veneers can last between 10-15 years. Schedule an appointment to see if veneers are right for you.


Our teeth darken naturally, but there are certain foods (like coffee and soda) that negatively impact the whiteness of our teeth. Fortunately, Catonfield Dental offers patients two options for whitening that are faster, more effective, safer and longer lasting than over the counter whitening products. Catonfield Dental proudly uses and distributes Pola advanced tooth whitening products.

In-Office Whitening:

Our most common whitening package, the In-Office Whitening option is a 30-45 minute, single visit, appointment guaranteed to whiten your teeth immediately upon completion of the procedure. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our In-Office Whitening offering.


  1. A simple, painless mouth opening guard will be placed to expose your teeth

  2. One of Catonfield Dental's certified team members will apply the whitening gel to your teeth and ensure there is no leakage onto your gums

  3. The certified team member will monitor the whitening gel for 30 minutes

  4. After 30 minutes, the guard and whitening gel will be removed

  5. The procedure is complete and you will see immediate whitening results. You can carry on your normal daily activities immediately afterwards


Take-Home Whitening:

In addition to our In-Office Whitening procedure, Catonfield Dental also offers a two-week Take-Home Whitening option that can be applied in the confines of your home. This option is safer, more effective, and longer lasting than over the counter products, and is not available in stores.


  1. An impression will be taken of your bite for a reusable custom whitening take-home tray

  2. Your dentists ad Catonfield Dental will create the custom whitening tray based upon your impression

  3. Directions, the custom whitening tray, and whitening gel will be given to you to take home

  4. At home, the patient will put the whitening gel into the whitening tray and apply the tray to their teeth for 15 minutes, preferably before bed time. This process is repeated daily for up to two weeks

  5. Patients should start seeing results within the first week

  6. After the procedure, patients can reuse their custom whitening tray for future use by purchasing additional whitening gel for a small fee and repeating the process

For information on whitening prices and which whitening option is best for you. Please contact us or schedule an appointment online. 

If you have dental insurance, many plans do NOT cover cosmetic dental procedures. We will contact your insurance provider to find out what Cosmetic Services your insurance covers.

We currently offer the following special pricing discounts for Cosmetic Services:

Ask about our Dental Discount Program to save up to 30% on Cosmetic Services!