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Restorative Procedures

Catonfield Dental offers a variety of restorative procedures to meet your needs for rebuilding or enhancing your smile. Our dentists only use state of the art materials and techniques to ensure you receive the best treatment.


Used to prevent the spread of tooth decay or correct any cosmetic damage, a filling is just one of the ways our dentists can help preserve your oral health. Before placement, the area of the tooth affected by the decay must be drilled out. We provide local anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. Catonfield Dental uses Composite Resin (Tooth-Colored) Fillings for all of our filling procedures.

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings are the most aesthetically pleasing type of filling because the color of the filling can be customized to match your existing teeth. Unlike Amalgam fillings, Composite Resin Fillings contain no mercury. Our dentists will utilize Composite Resin Fillings for cavity fillings as they are bonded to the teeth in layers and therefore require less drilling away of the natural tooth. Patients may also choose composite resin for repairing chipped or cracked teeth, filling in a tooth gap, correcting dental discoloration, protecting any exposed tooth root from gum recession, or changing the shape of teeth.


A crown, otherwise known as a cap, is custom-fitted to your tooth and is placed over your natural tooth. If you have a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed, our dentist might recommend a crown in order to ensure the long-term survival of the tooth.


  1. We will prepare the problematic tooth for a proper crown fit

  2. A digital impression will be taken for proper fitting and crown fabrication

  3. We will customize the color of the crown to match your teeth as closely as possible

  4. Depending on the case, our dentists might fit you with a temporary crown until the lab creates your permanent one*

  5. One final visit for permanent crown fitting

*In addition to traditional Crowns, Catonfield Dental also offers CEREC One-Appointment Crowns, where permanent crowns are prepared during the same-day in our office. See if a CEREC One-Appointment Crown is right for you by visiting our CEREC page.


To replace a missing tooth that has neighboring teeth with decay and/or large fillings, or a tooth that has been missing for a long time (i.e., with gum recession around the area), our dentists may recommend a bridge.

Types of Bridges:

  • Traditional — Caps are bonded over teeth that lie on either side of the missing one
  • Cantilever — Cap is bonded over a single tooth next to the missing one
  • Maryland — Porcelain or plastic teeth with gums that are supported by metal “wings”

As always, our dentists at Catonfield Dental will try their best to preserve your natural teeth.

If you have dental insurance, many plans cover 50%, 80%, or 100% of the cost of common restorative procedures. We will contact your insurance provider to find out what Restorative Procedures your insurance covers.

If you do not have dental insurance, we currently offer the following special pricing discounts for restorative procedures:

Ask about our Dental Discount Program to save 25%-30% off all restorative procedures!